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Student Activities

The university provides opportunities to enable students develop the required technical, scientific, professional, and social skills required to be successful graduates. the formal learning in the classrooms, laboratories, farms and fields is limited to the acquisition of technical skills in Agriculture. However, for success as a professional and a citizen in a rapidly changing world, one must acquire a range of social skills, such as the ability to organize, communicate effectively, plan and carry out tasks in any given situation under various constrains, be able to work with a range of different field in a tactful and effective manner, having a positive attitude to what is undertaken, being responsible and reliable, being able to cope with sudden unforeseen situations in an unruffled an amicable manner etx. These skills are developed best in a non academic setting outside the classrooms. For the development of these skills, the University provides opportunities in sports and in students' organizations.

The University enables the students to carry out activities in a range of students' associations.

  i. Acts as a representative organ of the students.
 ii. Organize lectures, debates, concerts, dances, social and other activities.
iii. Organize games/sports.
iv. Manage common rooms and restaurants.

The list of registered students associations are given below.

Agriculture Faculty Buddhist Brotherhood
Agriculture Faculty Chess Club
Agriculture Faculty Engineering Students' Society
Agriculture Faculty English Literary Association
Agriculture Faculty Students' Union (AFSU)
Agriculture Faculty Social Science Society
Agriculture Faculty Management Science Society
Agriculture Faculty Forestry Society
Horticulture Society, Faculty of Agriculture
Journalism & Media Society
"Prabuddha Kala Kawaya" Sinhala Literary Association
Society of Food Science & Technology
Soil Science Society
Student Society of Animal Science
The Cooperative Society
THe Nature Society
The IT Society