Mahailluppallama Sub Campus (MI)

(Dry Zone - Teaching, Research and Outreach)

Established in 1968, this 25-ha teaching, research and outreach facility is 128km away from the main campus and spatially placed at a unique location in the heartland of dry zone agriculture in Sri Lanka. This sub campus provides students with opportunities to immerse concurrently in a learning environment that promotes interactions with farmers practicing the mainstay of dry zone agriculture and the practitioners of science. Students of B.Sc Agricultural Technology and Management (ATM) begin their journey of learning at the sub campus. Academic program in semester 01 is designed to build students’ basic theoretical foundations through classroom sessions, integrated with practical components. Students get guided opportunities to raise crops and livestock in allocated plots in the teaching farm.

MI Sub Campus is located adjacent to Kagama-Katiyawa Irrigation Settlement Scheme, one of the oldest of agricultural development projects within System H of Accelerated Mahaweli Development Program, the largest of multi-purpose development efforts of the country. The area is also rich in historical and cultural sites. It is within the same complex that multiple institutes under the Sri Lanka Department of Agriculture, including Field Crop Research and Development Institute (FCRDI), In-service Training Institute, Office of Seed Certification Service; Seed production farm, Farm Mechanization Research Centre, are located.

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