Prof. A.N. Jayakody

Senior Professor

Office Address: 

Department of Soil Science

Faculty of Agriculture

University of Peradeniya

20400, Peradeniya.



+94-81-2395210 2395200

Personal Website: 

Biography :

  • Senior Professor in Soil Science. Received all higher education qualifications at German Universities securing excellent grades for the degrees obtained. These were facilitated by scholarships offered by the Government of Sri Lanka, Otto Benecke Foundation of Germany and Centre for International Migration, Germany. Received also the Marie Curie Fellowship of the EU. Fluent in German and English having a little knowledge in Tamil as well. Published nearly 50 scientific papers and given a large number of communications in subject related fields. Served as the Head of the Department of Soil Science for 6 years and held a numerous number of positions such as Treasurer, Secretary, Research Advisory Committees, Coordinator, Editor Editorial Board Member and Compiler of books etc. at national and international level.


Educational Qualifications :

  • Ph.D: Soil Science Technical University, West Berlin, Germany) - 1981

  • M Sc: Soil Science (Leipzig University, Germany) - 1977

  • B.Sc:Agriculture (Leipzig University, Germany) - 1975

Professional Qaifications :

  • Diploma in Higher Education (University of Kassel, Germany)


Appoinments Selected:

  • Board Member: Board of Study in Soil Science, Post Graduate Institute  of Agriculture, University of  Peradeniya since 1985
  • Member:   Teaching panel of  Post Graduate Institute   of  Agriculture,University of   Peradeniya,Sri Lanka.
  • Head: Department of Soil Science, University of Peradeniya  since  February 1991-1996
  • Member:   The Board of Management, Post Graduate Institute of  Agriculture, since  1991-1996
  • Member (Chairman):   The working group to formulate Sri Lanka Standards for Fertilizer mixtures, Sri Lanka Standard Institution, 1992-1995
  • Senior Treasurer:   The Agriculture Faculty Student's Union and Co-operative Society of   the Agriculture Faculty students  1992 ,1994,1995,1996,1997 and 1998
  • Visiting lecturer:  University of Ruhuna, Eastern University, Sabaragamuwa University and Rajarata University of  Sri Lanka
  • Resource person:   National Institute of Education ,Sir Lanka on Curriculum  Development in Agriculture
  • Member:   Monitoring Committees of Environment and Agriculture of Ministry of Plan Implementation
  • 2002/2003
  • Chairman:  Advisory Committee of Hadabima Authority, Ministry  of  Agriculture of Sri Lanka 2002/2003
  • Coordinator:   Organic Farming Cluster of the University Grants Commission , Ministry of Higher Education of Sri Lanka,  2003 - 2008
  • Member:   Board of Directors, Industrial Development Authority   of the  Central Provincial Council, Sri Lanka;  from 2004 for  3 years
  • Person in Charge:   English Language Skills Development Activity of the IRQUE Project (World Bank) of Faculty of Agriculture
  • Member:  Review Committee to review Research and Development  Programme of Soils and Plant Nutrition Division of   the Tea Research institute of Sri Lanka, 2008 and 2009
  • Member:   Review Committee to review Research and Development  Programme of Soils and Plant Nutrition
  • Division of  the Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka, 2010 and  2012
  • Reviewer (International): The International Journal of Biological and  Chemical  Sciences   from 2008
  • Reviewer (International): The Journal Water, Air and Soil Pollution from 2009  of Springer Publishers 
  • Contractual Senior Research Scientist : Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka from February 2010 to February 2012

Visiting Appoinments:

  • Visiting Lecturer at Universities of Ruhuna,  Rajarata,  Sabaragamuwa and the   Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture (PGIA), University of Pertadeniya

Memberships & Awards:

  • Sri Lanka Presidents Research Award 1999

  • "Marie Curie" Fellowship of Commission of the European  Communities- 1992 – 1993

Research Interests:

  • Soil Chemistry, Plant Nutrition, Soil Fertility, Water Quality, Organic Farming

Keynote/Invited papers:

  • Jayakody, A.N. (2001) Degraded Soils in Sri Lanka, In:   Response to Land Degradation, Eds. E.Michael Bridge et al.,Oxford and IBH Publishing Delhi, Culcutta, 130-139
  • Jayakody A.N. (2001) Organic Farming in Sri Lanka: Past, Present and Future, Proceedings of 5th IFOAM Asia Scientific Conference, Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 6 –14
  • Jayakody, A.N., Gunawardene, E.R.N. and W.A.D.P. Wanigasundara (2007) Monitoring and Evaluation of Soil Conservation and Watershed Development  Projects in Sri Lanka In.: Monitoring and Evaluation Soil Conservation and Watershed Development  Projects,Eds. Jan de Graaf, Published by World      Association of Soil and Water Conservation,  Science Publishers, Enfield-Jersey- Plymouth, 163 – 178
  • Jayakody, A.N. (2008) Keynote Address at launching of the book titled “Caring for Water” written by Dr. S.L. Amarasiri published by Sri Lanka Nature Forum

Research Publications (Recent):

  • Gunaratne, G.P., Hettiarachchi, L.S.K. and A.N. Jayakody (2008) Identification of factors responsible for Sulphur Nutrition of Tea in Sri Lanka, Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Plantation Crop Research,Ed.N.P.A.D. Nainanyaka andJ.M.D.T.Everard, Samayawardane Printers, 396 – 409
  • A.N. Jayakody (2011) Some Religious Perspectives on Water and Water Quality, Water Resources Research in Sri Lanka, Symposium Proceedings of The Water Professionals Day,  Eds. N.D.K. Dayawansa and Ranjith premalal de Silva, Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture and Geo-informatics Society of Sri Lankam1st  October 2011, 153 – 164
  • Wijesundara, W.M.G.D., K.A. Nandasena and A.N. Jayakody (2011) Accumulation and  Fluctuation of Plant Nutrients and Changes in Water Quality Parameters of  three selected Tanks in Mahakanumulla Cascade in Dry Zone of Sri Lanka, Symposium Proceedings of The Water Professionals Day,  Eds. N.D.K.
  • Dayawansa and Ranjith  premalal de Silva, Post Graduate Institute of  Agriculture and Geo-informatics Society of Sri Lankam1st October 2011, 189 – 200
  • Wijesundara, W.M.G.D., Nandasena, K.A.  and A.N. Jayakody (2011) Temporal variation of plant nutrients and some water quality parameters in Meegassagama tank in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka, Proc. 10th Inter. Conference of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies, 10 – 13 October, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 65 – 66
  • Liyanage, L.R.M.C. , Thanayamwatta, D.M.G.S., Wijayatunga W.M.S., Gunaratne, G.P. and A.N. Jayakody (2011) Categorization of tea growing soils in Sri Lanka based on pH Buffering Capacity, Proc. 10th Inter. Conference of the East and Southeast Asia Federation of Soil Science Societies, 10 – 13 October, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 109 – 110
  • Gunaratna, G.PO., Liyanage, L.R.M.C. , Jayakody, A.N.,  Wijayatunga, W.M.S. and S.M. Dissanayaka (2011), Impact of locality conditions on potassium availability in tea plantations of Sri Lanka. Proc. Of International Symposium on “Role of Potassium in sustaining the yield and its quality, 27th and 28th October 2011, Kandy Sri Lanka (in press)