Research Person : Prof. R.S. Dharmakeerthi

Development of eco-friendly farming technologies to minimize inorganic fertilizer usage while maintaining adequate productivity and improving soil fertility.

This project proposes to develop eco-friendly farming technologies that could reduce chemical fertilizer usage while safeguarding food security and environmental health in Sri Lanka.

Through seven work packages our research team, attached to multiple centres, will work on multiple disciplines to deliver several outputs that weave into an eco-friendly and cost effective nutrient management package for rice cultivation in Sri Lanka.  As the first step,a farmer friendly nutrient management decision supporttoolwill be developed with the help of International Plant Nutrition Institute. With this tool farmers will be able to easily determine the optimum fertilizer requirement in their rice fields. The potential of native soil microorganisms to increase availability of nutrients will be converted into biofertilizer to substitute chemical fertilizers, at least partially. In the process we also try to recycle agricultural wastes to produce a good soil conditioner (biochar) and bio-energy. Biochar will be used to produce a slow-release urea fertilizer to increase the use efficiency of urea. Best nutrient management practices for the developed new technologies will be identified. A comprehensive socio-economic analysis of the deliverables achieved will be conducted.  The impact of the developed technologies on toxic element availability in the soil, the health of plant and soil will also be studied. 

National Research Council

60 Months

R.S. Dharmakeerthi

Dr. WS Dandeniya, Prof. WAU Vitharana, Dr AK Karunarathna, Prof. Devika De Silva, Mr. DN Sirisena, Dr. UK Rathnayaka, Dr. W Balasooriya, Prof. D Kumaragamage, Dr. CP Attanayaka

Mr. J Sudasinghe