Research Person : Dr. D.N. Vidana Gamage

Identifying the impacts of climate change on soil hydrological and thermal dynamics in selected cropped fields in the dry zone of Sri Lanka

There is no information available on how climate change will alter the hydrological dynamics and soil thermal regimes in the root zone and beyond the root zone, given its importance for crop growth, crop physiological processes, and biogeochemical cycles at local and national scales. The initial focus of this project is to collect SWC, soil temperature, and climatic data at diurnal, seasonal, and annual temporal scales and quantify their temporal variability and correlations to understand the response the soil hydrological and thermal dynamics to climatic variables in selected areas of the dry zone of Sri Lanka.


36 Months

DN Vidana Gamage

R A CJ Perera

Field Crop & Research Development Institute, Mahaillupallama. Department of Agriculture