Library Committee (LC) - 2018

Library Committee (LC)

Chairman: Dr. L.W.L.K. Weerasinghe
Secretary: Ms. H.N.K. Dissanayake

Objective, Operating and Reporting Process:
Use of the library in an effective manner is essential for good academic training. The Library Committee (LC) develops appropriate guidelines and procedures for the management of the Agriculture Library in order to improve its’ user efficiency. It helps identifying limitations and implementing appropriate strategies to increase the effectiveness of library services to students and other users. Usually, LC conducts ten meetings per year. However, LC meets more frequently when there are matters for discussion. Progress of the committee should report to the Faculty Board.

Composition in 2018:

Two to three members selected from each Department Dr. N.U. Jayawardena (AgBio)
Dr. S.P. Weligamage (AgEco)
Ms. V.W. Jayaweera (AgEco)
Ms. M. Wijerathna (AgExt)
Dr. S. Pathmarajah (AgEng)
Dr. T.S. Samarakone (AS)
Dr. W.M.T.P. Ariyarathne (CS)
Dr. L.W.L.K. Weerasinghe (CS)
Dr. R.H.G. Ranil (CS)
Mr. P.C. Arampath (FST)
Dr. R.S. Dharmakeerthi (SS)
Assistant Librarian Ms. H.N.K. Dissanayake