Notice :
Academic programs of the Faculty for 2017/2018 academic year will start on 23rd April 2018.

Management Committees

The quality of the graduates produced primarily depends on the academic curriculum. The CDC recommends to the Faculty Board, appropriate improvements to the curriculum of the degree programmes. It also guides the Faculty in implementation of the semester-based curriculum to meet the future needs of the country.

Dr. HMVG Herath (Head/AB), Prof. DM de Costa, Dr. KS Hemachandra, Dr. HAM Wickramasinghe
Prof. HLJ Weerahewa (Head/AEBM), Prof. KASS Kodithuwakku, Prof. LHP Gunaratne, Mr. DVP Prasada
Prof. BFA Basnayake, Prof. WPRP de Silva
Dr. MWAP Jayatilaka (Head/AEx), Prof. WADP Wanigasundara, Dr. HVA Wickramasuriya, Dr. LNAC Jayawardena
Prof. GLLP Silva, Prof. K Samarasinghe, Dr. DK Vidanarachchi, Dr. RMC Deshapriya
Prof. T Sivananthawerl (Head/CS), Prof. WAJM de Costa, Prof. B Marambe, Dr. AJ Mohotti
Prof. KMS Wimalasiri (Co-member), Dr. RPNP Rajapakse (Head/FS), Prof. DCK Illeperuma, Prof. WMT Madhujith
Prof. RMCP Rajapaksha, Dr. WAU Vitharana, Prof. KA Nandasena (Co-member), Dr. WS Dandeniya
Dr. M Ariyaratne (LIC/MI)
Chairman (LTC)
Chairman (e-learning Committee)

Skills in use of computers have become mandatory for the present-day learning activities and employment. The facilities available with the computer unit of the Faculty help undergraduates to develop their skills in use of computers and web-based learning. The CUMC is responsible for the preparation of guidelines and procedures for the efficient management of the Computer Unit of the faculty. It is also responsible for planning for future expansion and development of the unit to meet the needs of the Faculty.

Dr. KS Hemachandra, Dr. HMVG Herath
Dr. SP Weligamage
Dr. DN Jayatissa, Dr. KSP Amarathunga
Ms. UI Dissnayake
Dr. BL Peiris, Dr. M Ariyaratne
Dr. CA Hettiarachchi
Dr. WAU Vitharana

Academic libraries play a key role in introducing information resources to students and researchers. Efficient use of library is an integral part of sound academic training. The LC develops guidelines and The LTC supports the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) by facilitating the development of students’ English language skills in order to help students to follow the academic programme effectively. The LTC conducts mini lectures and practicals and supports the development of teaching resources for the English programme. The LTC also advices the Faculty Board on language policy and matters related to language in the curriculum. In addition, the LTC facilitates the provision of supplementary courses and examinations on students’ second language (Sinhala or Tamil)

Ms. NU Jayawardena, Dr. SDS Hemachandra
Prof. MIM Mowjood
Dr. MWAP Jayatilaka
Dr. DK Vidanarachchi
Prof. T Sivanathawerl, Dr. M Ariyaratne, Dr. AJ Mohotti, Dr. CK Beneragama
Dr. BEP Mendis
Dr. WS Dandeniya

Use of the library in an effective manner is essential for good academic training. The LC develops appropriate guidelines and procedures for the management of the Agriculture Library in order to improve its’ user efficiency. It helps identifying limitations and implementing appropriate strategies to increase the effectiveness of library services to students and other users.

Ms. NU Jayawardena, Mr. WH Jayasinghe
Dr. SP Weligamage
Dr. S Pathmarajah
Ms. RMS Wijerathne
Prof. S Premarathne
Prof. WAP Weerakkody, Dr. HMGSB Hitinayake, Dr. M Ariyaratne, Dr. RHG Ranil, Dr. KWLK Weerasinghe
Prof. KMSWimalasiri, Mr. PC Arampath
Dr. RS Dharmakeerthi
Dr. SVR Weerasooriya

The PPRC is responsible in preparation documents/materials for the Faculty such as the Prospectus, Brochures, Abstracts of student research, and other documents related to publicity of the Faculty and its activities. The PPRC also implements suitable mechanisms to develop positive public relations.

Ms. NU Jayawardena, Prof. DM de Costa
Prof. LHP Gunaratne
Dr. NDK Dayawansa
Ms. UI Dissnayake, Ms. RMS Wijerathne
Dr. RMC Deshapriya
Prof. SP Nissnaka, Prof. B Marambe
Prof. WMT Madhujith
Prof. KA Nandasena

The SAWC is responsible for implementing the student advisory programme of the Faculty where each student is assigned to a voluntary advisor from the academic staff to assist them in times of difficulty. The SAWC also includes the student counselors appointed by the Faculty Board. It also implements appropriate programmes to develop staff-student relationships, takes action to improve the welfare of students of the Faculty and maintain discipline among students of the Faculty according to the university by-laws.

Dr. HMVG Herath, Mr. WH Jayasinghe
Prof. KASS Kodithuwakku, Dr. SDS Hemachandra
Prof. DAN Dharmasena, Dr. AK Karunarathne
Dr. MWAP Jayatilaka, Dr. LNAC Jayawardena
Dr. TS Samarakone, Dr. BC Jayawardana, Dr. ARSB Athauda
Dr. AJ Mohotti, Dr. RM Fonseka, Ms. LVY Weeraratne
Dr. BDR Prasantha, Dr. BEP Mendis
Dr. AMCPK Attanayake

The eLearning Committee provides guidance for academic staff and students to enhance their teaching and learning experience through the process of blended learning. The committee conducts regular training programs for academic staff, non‐academic staff and students on both basic and advanced features of eLearning. The committee works closely with curriculum development committee providing them with the necessary assistance to develop eLearning components of the courses.

Dr. HAM Wickramasinghe, Mr. WH Jayasinghe, Dr. HMVG Herath
Dr. PM Korale Gedera
Prof. AR Ariyaratne
Ms. UI Dissnayake
Dr. SMC Himali, Dr. KKSP Kodithuwakku
Dr. CK Beneragama
Dr. CA Hettiarachchi
Dr. WAU Vitharana

The TTC is comprised of Senior Assistant Registrar, one member from each department of study including Head/Food Science & Technology and Head /Animal Science. The Senior Assistant Registrar of the Faculty preferably operates as the secretariat of the TTC Committee is responsible for setting up of semester time table and examination time table.

Dr. KS Hemachandra
Dr. PM Korale Gedera
Dr. S Pathmarajah
Dr. AK Karunarathne
Ms. UI Dissnayake
Mr. MPB Mahipala (Head/AS)
Prof. T Sivananthawerl, Prof. JP Esswara
Dr. RPNP Rajapakse (Head/FS)
Dr. AMCPK Attanayake
Secretary (LTC)

The Teaching Methods Unit (TMU) of the Faculty of Agriculture was established in September 1991. Academic staff members of the Faculty who has obtained specialized training on teaching methodologies have formed the core group of trainers of the TMU. The unit attempts to improve the skills and attitudes of teachers as a means of improving the quality of the teaching programme and thus the graduates of higher education institutes. The Teaching Methods Unit currently supports the Staff Development Centre of the University of Peradeniya by providing resource persons and other facilities to hold workshops and other training programmes of varying durations to help teachers improve the wide range of skills necessary to make them more effective and efficient. Each programme is specially designed to achieve the stated objectives of improving the skills of the participants.

Prof. DM de Costa
Prof. HLJ Weerahewa
Prof. ERN Gunawardena
Prof. WADP Wanigasundara
Prof. MPB Wijayagunawardena
Prof. B Marambe
Ptof. DGNG Wijesinghe
Prof. RMCP Rajapaksha

The primary function of FRC is to administer the University Research grants received by the Faculty members. The FRC is also responsible in developing an appropriate research agenda for the Faculty keeping in line with the national priorities. The FRC also provides ethical clearance for research proposals/programmes, where appropriate. It helps guiding the Faculty Board in articulating its role in overall agricultural development, formulation of a human resource development plan for the Faculty and also developing inter-faculty and inter-university linkages and exchange programmes.