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Improving Agriculture Education in Sri Lanka for sustainable Development
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The availability of trained human resources, both academic (119 members with more than 85% trained at the level of Ph.D. in the specific fields of study) and academic support staff (249 members), and the physical resources including well equipped laboratories, lecture theatres, and field stations, are unparallel in the tertiary education system of the country. Integration of these resources has empowered the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya to establish a professionally independent Agricultural Education Unit (AEU) to help development of the secondary and tertiary education (degree awarding institutes as identified by UGC, excluding Universities) in Agriculture and allied sciences in the country, carry out research and development work in the field of agricultural education in collaboration with the Line-Ministries/Departments in the public sector and private sector organization, and to provide services that support rural and regional development.


(1) To train a new generation of trainers to develop the Agricultural Education in secondary schools (in accordance with the requirements identified by the Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka) and tertiary education system (degree awarding institutes identified by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka).

(2) To be the focal point and coordinator of the secondary and tertiary education in Agricultural Education, and consultation in the region.

(3) To conduct and take part in research in agricultural education

(4) To actively involve in preparing and conducting national level examinations in Agriculture and allied sciences

(5) To provide consultation in the development of curricula, teaching methodologies (in collaboration with the Teaching Methods Unit of the Faculty) for teachers in the secondary and tertiary education system

(6) To support the activities of the central and provincial governments of Sri Lanka in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and SAARC Development Goals (SDGs).

Operational Procedure

The Centre will operate in accordance with the Universities Act No 16 of 1978, and Universities (amendment) Act No 7 of 1985, all of which provide a framework for its operation and the realization of its objectives. The Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture serves as the Chairman of the AEU while centre activities are managed by the Director of AEU appointed by the Governing Council of University of Peradeniya on the recommendation of the Faculty Board of Agriculture.


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