Venue: National Chamber of Commerce (NCC) Auditorium


Objectives of the workshops

To disseminate the research findings and commercialize of the innovations in agriculture to the industry.


Summary of Innovations

The following innovations have been chosen for the commercialization process under the QIG (window 4) project:

    • Quality improvement of made tea. 

      The quality of the tea brew from low quality made tea can be improved by changing the physical properties of made tea particles. Exposure of made tea particles to specific vacuum condition while applying heat for a short duration of 20 minutes alter the internal porous structure and create micro cracks of individual tea particles. When such treated particles are used in brewing, the sensory liquor quality was found to be improved due to increased diffusion of chemicals to the liquor. 

    • Fertilizer recommendation for protected agriculture. 

      Protected agriculture is becoming a popular practice that minimizes the potential crop damages due to natural environmental conditions. The innovations made on new fertilizer mixture for protected agriculture is one of the patented innovations selected for commercialization. The innovation has proven its capacity of cost saving while improving the quality and quantity of the agricultural produce.

    • Bio fertilizers (P – solubilizing bacteria mixture and N – fixing bacteria mixture) and rice straw decomposition inoculum. 

      Bio fertilizers are eco-friendly organic agro-input and more cost-effective than chemical fertilizers and capable of reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Therefore, they are extremely useful in augmenting soil fertility and fulfilling plant nutrient requirements by providing the organic nutrients through microorganism and their by-products.


Target participants

Industrialists and entrepreneurs