• Farmer Workshops
    Farmer Workshops

    Promotion of eco-friendly agricultural practices by usage of bio-fertilizer.

  • Linking the Industry and Innovations
    Linking the Industry and Innovations

    Commercialization of research outcomes of the Faculty of Agriculture.

  • Evidence Based Interventions
    Evidence Based Interventions

    Development of evidence based interventions for the present environmental degradation issue in Kalpitiya Peninsula

  • Publications

    AbC generates valuable publications vital for academic, research and general public

  • Human-Elephant Conflict
    Human-Elephant Conflict

    A financial transfer scheme as a viable solution to the human-elephant conflict" stakeholder discussions

Welcome to Agribusiness Centre

Research Programmes


Agribusiness Centre undertake research in collaboration with both international and local institutions and study programmes beneficial to students, faculty and the country as a whole.

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Training Programmes


Agribusiness Centre designs and run demand driven training programmes for trainers and entrepreneurs in agricultural and nonagricultural sectors.

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Agribusiness Centre uses the expertise of its academic community for consultancy services while strengthening the links between the university and private and public sector organizations, and NGOs.

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Agribusiness Centre, through its research and consultancy programs, generate unique publications which are vital for both academics, researchers and general public.

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