Animal Science & Technology


Improving animal production and product processing represent integral and essential components of agricultural development. Identified priority development areas such as diversifying agriculture with livestock, integrating livestock with crops under farming systems, and increasing productivity of animals are given major emphasis in the teaching and research programmes of the Department of Animal Science. In addition, training in product technology is provided in view of the anticipated expansion of the processed food production sub‐sector and “convenience food” marketing sector. While the courses offered by the Department in the core programme of the curriculum are designed to provide sound background on the principles and practices in Animal Science, the courses in the advanced module are formulated to impart in‐ depth knowledge and skills in important specific aspects of Animal Science and Technology. Upon successful completion of this module, the graduates will be capable of addressing the issues and problems related to animal agriculture sector and effectively contribute to development by being engaged in research, academic, management and/or entrepreneurial activities.