Units in the Departmet of Agricultural Extension

Audio-Visual Unit

The Department has full-pledged audio-visual unit which is extremely important for Department activities. The unit provides technical assistance in radio program production and video filming, editing, voice and sound dubbing. Students are encouraged to take the initiative to get involved with media personnel and learn these activities to broaden their skills and work experiences The unit maintains a collection of educational videos and CDs which are academically supportive. The students are encouraged to use these during their independent learning sessions.

A practical hands-on training is provided by the unit to design and record radio programs. These programs are planned in consultation with a broadcasting station and the final product is broadcasted regionally.


The department has information communication technology lab with a series of computers with internet access. Students are encouraged to utilize those resources to explore more in the World Wide Web on the subjects they learn in the classroom. The lab provides great support to students’ academic and outreach activities and it facilitates IT skills of the undergraduate students.