Assessment of the "Supporting Program on Activation of Child Education through Collaboration with Youth Generation in Tea Plantations in Sri Lanka"


Some staff and the students following the advanced program in Agric. Extension Department participated in collaboration with a group of undergraduate students from Utsunomia University, Japan. Field visits were carried out to few families in Darawala, Dickoya tea plantation community including Darawala primary school. The assessment of the improvement of the Livelihood, Education, Youth development, Gender and Employment aspects were undertaken and joint presentations based on their findings were made by the Students. This exercise provided a good opportunity to Agricultural Extension majoring students to interact with Japanese students to jointly identify different perspectives on the plantation community issues..Prof. W.A.D.P. Wanigasundera and Ms. S.A.K. Rathnayake coordinated the program, together with Prof. Shunsuke from Utsunomiya Univesity.

 Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya

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