Faculty of Agriculture - University of Peradeniya

Training program on Basic Molecular Biology for A/L Biology Students

Agricultural Biotechnology Centre (AgBC) of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniyasuccessfully conducted a one-day Training program on Basic Molecular Biologyfor A/L biology students on 11th May, 2018. The program consisted of lectures, practical's and demonstrations, focused on basic molecular biology concepts and techniques that were relevant to the A/L syllabus. The schools of participants were selected by the Zonal Director of Education of Kandy, and were within the Kandy Educational Zone. Sixty four participants attended the program, including students and teachers from each selected school. Majority of the students expressed positive remarks about the program and requested the duration of the program be extended in the future. The training program was offered in celebration of the 15th anniversary of AgBC as well as 70th anniversary of the Faculty of Agriculture. All sessions were coordinated and conducted by Dr. Pradeepa C.G. Bandaranayake, Director AgBC.