Faculty of Agriculture - University of Peradeniya

Welcome to Agricultural Biotechnology Centre, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya (AgBC). AgBC was established to facilitate and strengthen research, capacity building and generate marketable products through exploitation of molecular biology and biotechnology. It is important to note that AgBC is the only institution of its kind devoted to Agricultural Biotechnology in Sri Lanka.

The postgraduate research work at AgBC was launched in 2003, with admission of ADB funded PhD students. The number of trainees has increased, as the Centre strengthens its research facilities. The centre's facilities contain basic necessities such as Molecular Biology Laboratory, Plant Tissue Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Microscopy facility and green house among other laboratory and office spaces. Currently, these facilities are further enhanced, and new facilities are being added with the assistance from various partners. AgBC operates under the guidance of Dean Faculty of Agriculture and a full-time Director, who is also a senior lecturer attached to the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya. AgBC provides a multidisciplinary environment for research, creating linkages with the scientific community, research laboratories, research institutes and the private sector to contribute towards biotechnology and related programs. AgBC also offers workshops, training programs and “hands on experience” to the scientific community to develop skills in latest techniques in the field. These program range from short & focused courses (typically 1 day) to longer extensive courses (up to 5 days).

The future growth of AgBC is bright, and we look forward to the expansion of our research and training facilities to cater for the growing demand in the country and the region, among other goals. In the meantime, we wish to assure our patrons that we are fully committed to achieve our set goals and objectives of delivering quality academic programs as well as venturing into the development of marketable products to enhance – socio-economic development in our society. In summary, AgBC is uniquely positioned to train the right manpower, to conduct safe molecular biology research, to help companies start and succeed and to help scientists interface with industry and thereby to help the biotechnology industry grow into a large and mature one.