Teaching & learning

Students following 4 year degree in Agricultural Technology & Management begins their Academic Journey at MI Sub Campus. & subjects totaling to 17 credits are offered for one semester. All subjects include substantial exposure to theoretical aspects and students get practical experience by engaging in crop and livestock raising under Academic Guidance.

Students also visit different related institutes and farming community as guided learning activities. These includes small group activities to closely associate with farm families introduce to the students at the beginning of the semester.

Students also visit large successful commercial oriented farms within the area to closely observe their practices. These include crop and livestock farms as well as other small Agri-Businesses.

At the end of the semester students collaborate with staff to showcase outcome of their learning outcome to stakeholders through organizing annual Agri Learn Expo –Exhibition. Farmers, scientists from nearby institutes school children and general public participate in this programme hearing learning outcome of the students.

At the end of the semester students are evaluated through an examination which includes written, oral and practical components. Students also submit, individually prepared self learning portfolios for some subjects.


Each course is coordinated by a Senior Faculty member selected by respective Academic Departments. Teaching sessions are conducted by Senior Lecturers from the faculty of Agriculture and by invited Scientists from nearby Institutes.

Association of Young Agriculturists (AYA@MI)

AYA@MI is a students’ society functioning since 2015. The main objective of the society is to enhance the participatory learning experience of students. Students through this association work closely with communities around the Sub Campus that provides learning resources to their academic program. With the aim of strengthening the relationship between the university and the community and the institutions around the sub-campus through various activities students organize number of activities annually.