Germplasm Collection (Field Gene Bank)

Conservation of crop germplasm facilitates plant breeding and provide source of information for crop improvement programs. The sub campus maintains two field germplasm collections of banana and Kohila. These collections are maintained as permanent field gene banks. All cultivars are clearly labeled and maintaining under special care. These are expected to contribute for future studies and conservation purposes.

  • Banana (Musa × paradisiaca L.)

Banana germplasm collection was established in 2017 with the support of the Department of Agriculture. It comprises 34 different banana cultivars. Exotic cultivars with ornamental value are also included.

  • Kohila (Lasia spinosa (L.) thwaites

Kohila is a native plant to Asia and is widely used as a vegetable and for therapeutic use in Ayurveda. This collection was established in 2016 through support from the University of Peradeniya. The collection consists of accessions from 46 agro-ecological rejoins of Sri Lanka. It demonstrates morphological and genetic variations of this important plant. This is the only known and organized Kohila germplasm collection in the world.