Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) - 2018


Chairman: Prof. K.A.S.S. Kodithuwakku
Secretary: Prof. R.M.C.P. Rajapakshe

Objective, Operating and Reporting Process:
The quality of the graduates produced primarily depends on the academic curriculum. The Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) recommends to the Faculty Board (FB), appropriate improvements to the curriculum of the degree programs. It also guides the Faculty in implementation of the semester-based curriculum to meet the future needs of the country. Thus, the CDC is responsible for coordinating and making recommendations to the Faculty Board concerning policy and action with respect to planning for academic development of the Faculty including curriculum evaluation, review, teaching and learning. Usually the committee meets 10 times a year parallel to FB meetings. The committee also meets more frequently when there are matters for discussion. The committee submits progress reports to be discussed at the FB and also submits memos to the Faculty Board for discussion and approval.

Composition in 2018:

Dean Prof. Gamini Pushpakumara
All Heads of Departments Dr. H.M.V.G. Herath (AgBio)
Prof. K.A.S.S. Kodithuwakku (AgEcon)
Prof. M.I.M. Mowjood (AgEng)
Dr. M.W.A.P. Jayatilaka (AgExt)
Mr. M.P.B.K. Mahipala (AS)
Prof. T. Sivananthawerl (CS)
Dr. R.P.N.P. Rajapakse (FST)
Dr. W.S. Dandeniya (SS)
Curriculum core members Prof. K.A. Nandasena
Prof. K.M.S. Wimalasiri
Prof. GLLP Silva
Prof. VA Sumanasinghe
Three members (Professors) selected from each Department Prof. D.M. De Costa
Dr. K.S. Hemachandra
Dr. K.K.D.V. Jayathilaka (AgBio)
Prof. H.L.J. Weerahewa
Prof. L.H.P. Gunaratne
Mr. D.V.P. Prasada (AgEco)
Prof. W.P.R.P. De Silva
Prof. D.A.N. Dharmasena (AgEng)
Prof. W.A.D.P. Wanigasundara
Dr. L.N.A.C. Jayawardena (AgExt)
Prof. S. Premarathne
Prof. K. Samarasinghe
Prof. M.P.B. Wijayagunawardena
Dr. R.M.C. Deshapriya (AS)
Prof. W.A.J.M. De Costa
Prof. B. Marambe
Dr. A.J. Mohotti (CS)
Prof. D.C.K. Illeperuma
Prof. W.M.T. Madhujith (FST)
Prof. R.M.C.P. Rajapaksha
Dr. WAU Vitharana
Dr. A.M.P.C.K. Attanayake (SS)
Lecturer-in-charge/MI Dr. W.M.T.P. Ariyaratne
Chairman-LTC Mr. D.V.P. Prasada
Chairman-e-LMC Dr. H.M.V.G. Herath